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One way to save a tooth that is deteriorating is to get a root canal. The tooth is packed and sealed with a rubbery material known as gutta-percha following the removal of the diseased pulp and nerves and a thorough cleaning of the interior. The cost of this surgery varies depending on the local dentist, however it is typically within budget. It is less painful than having a tooth extracted, which will create a gap if an implant is not placed in its stead. An implant will need to be placed to close the gap so that you can bite and chew normally moving forward. An implant can be used as a less expensive tooth replacement. As long-term solutions for missing teeth, dental implants are rising in popularity. Rather than going through a complete mouth replacement, individuals may just need to have one tooth replaced with an implant. After being surgically placed into the gum tissue, implants—which are constructed of titanium rods—stay in place. Your teeth will look better than ever with the crown added to finish the implant, and you will be able to care for your new implant just like you would a real tooth.

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