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Sound teeth and gums make it simple for you to eat well and appreciate great food. A few issues can influence the well-being of your mouth, however great consideration should keep your teeth and gums solid as you age. Teeth are shrouded in a hard, external covering called veneer. Consistently, a dainty film of microbes called dental plaque develops on your teeth. The microorganisms in plaque produce acids that can hurt polish and cause cavities. Cleaning and flossing your teeth can forestall rot, however, when a hole structures, to stay away from additional harm, a dental specialist should fix it with a filling. Use fluoride toothpaste to safeguard your teeth from rot. On the off chance that you are at a higher gamble for tooth rot (for instance, assuming you have a dry mouth because of a condition you have or medicines you take), you could require more fluoride. Your dental specialist or dental hygienist might give you a fluoride treatment during an office visit or may advise you to utilize a fluoride gel or mouth wash at home. Gum sickness starts when plaque develops along and under your gum line. Plaque causes contamination that harms the gum and bone that hold your teeth set up. A gentle type of gum sickness might make your gums red, delicate, and bound to drain. This issue, called gum disease, can regularly be fixed by brushing and flossing consistently. A more extreme type of gum illness, called periodontitis, should be treated by a dental specialist. On the off chance that not treated, this contamination can prompt sore, draining gums, agonizing biting issues, and even tooth misfortune.

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